The most important part of creating content is making sure that it is engaging.

Read on for some of our tips to add personality as you create exciting and engaging content as part of your content strategy for your business. 

Tip #1 – Ask a question

One way to engage people is to get them thinking. Even if only for a moment, this allows your reader to consider your content rather than just taking it in and moving on. Because writing is one sided, adding questions for the user, even rhetorical ones, allows them to interact with your content – making it a two way street. 

Be careful with this. We don’t recommend using too many questions in each piece. Start with 1 and go from there. 

Tip #2 – Tell a story 

The best way to add value to your content and engage people from the very start is to inject a bit of yourself to the content mix. One way to do this is to add a story or personal anecdote i. People love stories! 

Take it one step further and elicit emotion within your story. Make the readers laugh, surprise or excite them! Good news stories are shared at a higher rate than those with bad news. 

Tip #3 – Know your subject and be the expert

It’s hard to be interesting if you don’t know much about what you are talking about or if you are rehashing content from other people. 

Having a unique perspective conveys excitement that is otherwise hard to achieve. Be an expert on the topic. Do your research and form a solid opinion on the matter. Use that opinion and perspective to drive the content, making it different from other content pieces on the same topic! 

Your expertise is valuable, bring that to the table! 

Tip #4 – The most important tip  – BE INTERESTING! 

How can you expect your audience to be excited about your content if you aren’t making it interesting for them? 

The best way to improve your content is to start with an outline of the content. Once complete,  do your research and try to find the most interesting facts and quotes out there. Include that within your content and build out from there. Starting with the most interesting information as part of your outline will ensure its front and center in the content piece. 

Get Started!

When it comes to it, throw grammar and formatting rules out the window and focus on creating content that you LOVE. Write like you speak , don’t be worried about being fancy. When you are excited about the content, it will shine through in your work. 

Have you used these strategies in your work? Do you have any other strategies to add to this list? We want to know in the comments below! 

Need help making your next piece of content more engaging? Send us a message to set up time to discuss your content strategy. 

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