Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and it’s important for businesses to stay up to date on the latest trends to stay competitive. 

Here are five digital marketing trends to watch in 2023:

1. Personalized marketing

Personalized marketing involves tailoring marketing messages and campaigns to individual customers based on their interests, preferences, and behavior. With the increasing use of data and AI, it’s becoming easier for businesses to deliver personalized marketing experiences that are more relevant and effective. 

By using personalized marketing, a company can create more relevant and targeted marketing messages that are more likely to resonate with their customers and drive sales. For example:

  • A company might use customer data to send personalized emails to their customers, with subject lines and content that are tailored to the individual recipient. For example, a clothing retailer might send an email to a customer who has recently purchased a pair of jeans, recommending other items that might go well with those jeans.
  • A company might use customer data to show targeted ads to their customers on social media or other websites. For example, a company that sells outdoor gear might show ads for camping gear to a customer who has previously purchased a tent from them.

2. Video Content

Video content is becoming increasingly popular and is expected to continue to grow in popularity in the coming years. 

Whether it’s video ads, social media videos, or video landing pages, video can be an effective way to capture the attention of your target audience and convey your message in a more engaging way. 

The easiest way for a business to get started with video content is using Instagram Stories and Reels. We recommend you make a goal of one reel per week and jumping on stories a few times per week as well. When it comes to reels, start with short and sweet content that gets your message out there quickly. This is a great way to become more comfortable behind the camera! 

3. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

AI and machine learning are becoming more prevalent in digital marketing, and it’s expected that they will play an even bigger role in the coming years. 

How does this work? These tools can be used to analyze customer data and make more informed marketing decisions, optimize ad campaigns, and personalize marketing messages. For example:

  • AI tools can help optimize paid media campaigns on Google and Facebook. 
  • AI and machine learning can help you improve your personalization by analyzing customer data and creating personalized marketing messages that are more relevant and targeted to individual customers. 
  • Businesses can use AI-powered chatbots to provide personalized customer service and help answer common questions or provide product recommendations as a way to improve customer experience, which coincidentally, is another digital marketing trend for this year. 

4. Customer Experience

Customer experience is becoming increasingly important, and businesses that prioritize it are more likely to see success in the digital marketing space. 

This includes everything from the design and usability of a website to the responsiveness of customer service. 

5. Social media marketing

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that is not going away anytime soon. In 2023, it’s expected that businesses will continue to use social media even more to reach their target audience, build brand awareness, and engage with customers.

We recommend that many of our clients use social media on a regular basis – both in feed posts, stories, reels and paid ads on social media. The cadence and budgets for these tactics depend on your business goals – but social media is here to stay. 

By staying up to date on these digital marketing trends, businesses like yours can stay competitive and effectively reach their target audience in 2023.