Marketing Situation

A startup consumer packaged goods company reached out to The Markey Group for some help with their social media. Specifically, they were looking to: 

  • Grow fan base to more than 10,000 Instagram followers 
  • Increase engagement numbers among Women ages 25 to 44
  • Support E-commerce to drive revenue and establish brand recall
  • Increase customer database

No small task! 

Our Solution

We were excited to jump in. We started by establishing a paid social strategy to support the client in their objectives. Instagram served as the main channel, focusing on increasing page growth and engagement. 

Facebook was used to support the e-commerce goals of the brand, setting up a robust Facebook store and running paid ads to drive purchases. Ads on Instagram also allowed users to shop products directly from the Instagram platform as well. 

Facebook was also used as a way to grow the existing customer database, using lead ads and a coupon code to drive email submissions. 

In addition to the paid social strategy, the digital marketing team here at TMG executed tests and optimized campaigns on a daily basis to maximize results. We provided weekly reporting and maintained an ongoing dialogue with the client to make sure the work supported business objectives and KPIs.

Successful Results

Over the course of the six month agreement, the client achieved the following results:

  • 80% decrease in cost per purchase, falling from more than $100 to just $20 at its lowest point. 
  • More than 300 email addresses to add to the database, with a cost per lead trending at $5.15 in the final month. (Down 57.26%)
  • Brand recall (measured by Facebook) increased every month throughout the partnership. In total, it increased by 71%, from 7% to 12%. 
  • Facebook Engagement Rate increased by 166% – from 33% in the first month  to 88% in the final month.

While we love a good case study, this is one of our favorites. Increasing followers, driving sales and improving engagement are three of the most difficult things to do on social media and we are proud of the work that went into this program and the final results. 

Are you looking to improve your social media presence? Send us a message and let’s talk about how we can help!