LinkedIn is the world’s largest business network, and people are turning to the platform on a daily basis. If you’re using LinkedIn to try and attract clients, but you’re not publishing content, you won’t be able to unlock the true potential of the platform. 

From text posts to live events to company newsletters, LinkedIn has many options for your business to publish original content. 

Let’s look at three ideas for your next company page post.

1. Encourage people to share their thoughts via LinkedIn polls

When “engagement” first started becoming an important part of the algorithm, many companies ended their posts with a question. While you can still do this, the new polls feature on LinkedIn is a smart alternative. 

The new poll feature allows you to conduct market research, float ideas and just generally get to know your audience better. At The Markey Group, we have used it to ask users about their preferences for promotional products!

2. Repurpose existing content with LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn Articles is a wonderful way to share longer form content with a new audience. 

We typically recommend our clients syndicate their existing blog content into articles on their business page. Before posting the article, you can annotate that the content was originally posted on your website and link to the blog. 

If you have an abundance of content, you can also use LinkedIn Articles to post original pieces as well. Each article is its own URL, so you can drive traffic to the piece from other social channels. 

3. Share content from staff and employee profiles

Have you looked at the content your employees are posting on LinkedIn? Some of them are likely posting great things from around the office, news about new projects and big milestones. Review this content on a regular basis and share it on your company page. 

If your team isn’t using LinkedIn in this capacity – incentivize them! Active employees on LinkedIn benefit your brand, and it’s free content for you to use as well! 

BONUS IDEA – Engage on LinkedIn as your company

The easiest way to “create content: is to engage with other users’ and business’ posts on LinkedIn. This really works well when you are adding value and insightful comments, as this is a good way to increase awareness for your business in a very organic way. 

Here are some examples of ways you can engage with LinkedIn content:

  • Search for content using hashtags that are relatable to your business. Engage where it makes sense on this stream of posts. 
  • Add thoughtful replies to people who are commenting on your posts. 
  • Visit the pages of your competitors, employees, partners and like minded businesses and support them through engagement. 

Now it’s time to put these ideas to action. Login to LinkedIn now and get started! Check your analytics from time to time as a way to test and measure what is working and what is not. 

Would you like help with your LinkedIn strategy? Give us a shout today.