Make a point to keep branded gifts on hand for employees. The gifts play a key role in any office or remote work environment. Why? Research studies have shown that promotional products raise employee engagement, productivity and overall happiness at work. 

In fact, here are a few benefits of handing out gifts: 

#1: Show your appreciation – Branded products are a great way to recognize employees for their hard work and show employees how much they are appreciated. 

#2: Boost employee morale – People respond positively to gifts, and at the workplace that means promotional products. Your choices should be designed to make the team feel comfortable, thankful and happy. 

#3: Improve overall culture – Passing out promotional gifts to your employees is a good way to make everyone feel included and appreciated. On a larger scale, this allows for a greater sense of community and unity within the team. 

#4: Take your onboarding experience to the next level – We’ve all been there, starting a new job can be scary! Make your new hires feel at home and comfortable with their decision and set the right impression from day one. 

In our opinion, these are the most effective branded gifts for employees: 

Branded Tech Accessories

Our phones and laptops are really an extension of ourselves during the work day. Give your employees accessories to help them manage their technology throughout the day! Branded tech gifts are usually helpful and they can add real value to your employee’s day. 

Some of our favorites include portable chargers, Pop-Sockets, tech bags to organize chargers and wireless charging mouse pads. 


Always a favorite for every occasion, branded apparently is the ultimate promo employee gift. We love apparel that can be used at the office – a logoed zip up hoodie for cold days, a nicer vest to throw on year round or a branded golf shirt for a meeting. 

Worried about sizing? Try a one size fits all item like a baseball hat. 


From what we’ve seen and heard, drinkware always makes sense. A staple for desks at work or for carrying your coffee to and from the office, branded drinkware is a  must-have accessory. 


It may not sound exciting, but a branded notebook is one of the most useful things you can give to an employee. 

Custom Box

Especially popular for remote employees, we love the idea of sending a custom box of gifts to your employees. A branded box with a few small items can make a big impact. 

A Company Store

Treat your employees to what they really want. Seriously, let them select an item from a carefully curated store just for your employees. We can set up and maintain a store for you and handle fulfillment and shipping. 

There you have it, our recommendations for the most effective branded gifts for employees. Many of these can also be used to send to your clients and prospects, too! 

Send us a message for more information about how you can use promotional products around your office.