Every year, the number of online consumers rises.

Whether a website, mobile phone apps or social media – there are constantly new ways for people to be online as time passes. 

As social media continues to grow and evolve, consumers will have more choices when it comes to browsing and purchasing decisions online. Social commerce, a term coined long ago with increasing popularity, defines the purchases made via social channels. 

The rise of social commerce

We have spent many hours speaking to our clients about the importance of optimizing your digital experiences, including social media. As an e-commerce business, having a strong competitive advantage is even more crucial, as 55% of online shoppers make a purchase through social media channels. 

We see countless signs that social commerce will continue to grow. For example:

  • Influencers continue to drive purchase decisions, shown by the fact that 87% of e-commerce shoppers believe social media helps them make a shopping decision
  • 1 in 4 business owners are selling goods and services through Facebook and Instagram
  • 40% of merchants use social media to generate sales

We pulled together a list of tips and trends to consider as you review your digital platforms. Pay attention and consider some of these as part of your marketing strategy for the remainder of 2020. Need help? Give us a call for a free 30 minute social commerce consultation! 


Social media sites are now predominantly mobile-first, and users expect an experience that enables them to browse and buy on their mobile devices with ease.

Take a look at your mobile experience. Is your site mobile friendly? Is it visually driven, relatable and authentic? Do users trust your site on their mobile phone? 

Social commerce will expand beyond the social channels you know and love

As social media continues to evolve, so will the different platforms with which people will be connected. 

TikTok has started to experiment with social commerce, allowing some users to add links within their bio. If you are looking to reach Gen Z – this is the place to try. 

Influencer marketing is here to stay

The beauty of influencer marketing is that it can apply to almost any product or service out there. A small local business or Fortune 500 company – all can find influencers in their niche to create awareness and sales. 

People are following celebrities and influencers across all platforms – but we recommend starting with Instagram. If you need help selecting influencers to work with or understanding how an influencer program could benefit you, please let us know! 

Content is king – even in social commerce

The rise in social commerce has been driven in part by younger consumers looking for new, interesting and convenient ways to browse and shop online. These are people who are eager to spend their money online. 

That said, these are also people who won’t just give anyone their money. They are looking for customized, visual experiences. If you are targeting this market, this should be your number one priority. 

Brands looking to explore social commerce in the coming months will need to be prepared to test and learn. It takes more than adding a “Shop Now” button to your site to make an impact. 

If you want more updates on social commerce or have any questions, let us know!

Have you sold your products or services on social media? We want to know what works for you!