If you run a small business, we know you wear many hats. Customer service rep, accountant and marketer to name a few. 

It can be overwhelming to do everything at one, so we are here to offer some social media marketing tips! Marketing is important because it creates a connection between your company and prospective customers. This connection is more important today than ever before. 

There are countless ways to use marketing strategies to promote your small business. Today, let’s focus on social media marketing. 

As you know, a social media presence is no longer optional for small businesses. Social media can help define your image, promote products, gain clientele, and build relationships. Here are our favorite tips and some easy tricks you can implement now to improve your social media presence: 

  1. Optimize your accounts – take a look at your social media accounts and confirm you have the proper profile image and header image set up, your website and hours are correct, and you are happy with how a user would see the page. 
  2. Block 15 minutes per day to go through social media accounts and respond to comments and messages, share content that’s applicable and engage across all channels. 
  3. Put aside 10-15 minutes per week to look at your competitors on social – see what they are doing and think about how you may be able to apply similar ideas to your social media strategy. 
  4. Create a content calendar for your business each month with dedicated content drafted to share. 
  5. Sign up for the Help a Reporter Out (HARO) service to be interviewed for media stories. While this is more than a social media task, it will give you new content to share on social and opportunities to be tagged on your social as well. 

Want to keep going? Try Instagram Reels! This is our biggest tip for many clients as we have seen Reels go “viral” allowing for more followers and a larger reach!

Managing multiple social media accounts, responding to user comments and questions, and keeping up with trends can be a lot of work. If it aligns with your marketing strategy, give us a call to see how we can help manage this for you!