Ahhh 2020, the year of the virtual event. As we round the corner to the home stretch of a year we’d all like to move on from, it is unlikely that big events will be returning early in 2021. 

Social distancing has really changed the event landscape – making virtual conferences and tradeshows the new normal. 

We feel like we know a thing or two about conferences and tradeshows. In addition to attending them regularly (pre-pandemic!), we have also gained expertise in creating signage,  booth necessities and longstanding swag for our clients over the years. Here are a few ways you can take your virtual event to the next level. 

(Even if you are not planning on hosting a virtual conference, but are attending one – we can still help! Here are some ideas!)

Location, location, location

Or should we say, platform, platform, platform? You can’t have an online event without selecting a platform! 

The most important thing to consider in the platform you select is choosing one that allows you to mimic your regularly scheduled in-person event. Breakout rooms, opportunity for some fun, excellent quality streaming services – these are a few things to consider. 

Add some value

In our opinion, one of the best parts of attending a conference or trade show is the swag you get to take home! Since that will be more difficult with a virtual option, invest in some value added incentives to encourage participation. For example:

  • Offer a branded notebook for anyone who signs up by a certain date
  • Branded airpods for all guests who purchase VIP tickets is a fabulous incentive to upgrade
  • Ask event sponsors to provide branded items and ship them out at random to attendees and speakers

Make it “official”

With speakers and moderators working from the comfort of their own home, send them something in advance of the conference to make their space more official once the video turns on. 

For example, a branded polo shirt to wear while presenting. Or a branded background to put up behind their desk. 

Have some fun!

No matter how serious your event is – we always like to promote FUN. Remember, your attendees will be at home and may be easily distracted. Keeping them engaged is crucial. 

People love contests so you could integrate a contest with social media to create awareness and fun. Or, include some silly presenters or opportunities to off-topic content like a magic show or comedian. 

If there is anything we can do to help improve your next virtual event, give us a call!