Concerns and precautions over the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by novel coronavirus, are leading to the postponement and cancellation of countless public events.

This includes many conferences and trade shows that our clients have been preparing for over the last few months! 

We know first hand, how much money and time is spent on trade shows and events each year. 

Marketing departments are in for a unique challenge this year, with the potential of losing out on event fees, sponsorships, and the intended use of promotional products. More importantly, figuring out how to overcome the possibility of losing out on the opportunity to be face to face with prospects and customers. If you are in this position, we can help! 

Did you order inventory for a conference that was cancelled? 

Did you know that we have the ability to hold inventory? We are happy to keep your promotional items safe and sound until the conference is rescheduled! 

If the conference is not going to be rescheduled, we can drop ship items to a list! Here are some ways you can use the missed opportunity to your advantage:

  • Compile a list of prospects from the event. Send them a promotional item along with a personalized note to let them know you were disappointed to not meet in person and offer a quick phone call meeting. 
  • Compile a list of your existing customers. Send them an email letting them know you are looking forward to seeing them again, and in the meantime you have sent them a gift to thank them for their business. Ship them a promotional item. 

Do you only have an email for the attendees? 

No problem! We can create a custom store for you. The store can include a few items at a specific price point. 

Email a custom store link to the attendees that you really wanted to see, and let them select a promotional item on you! We will handle ordering and shipping each item. 

Do you have another unique challenge from a cancelled event? 

Give us a call! We would be happy to brainstorm a way to maximize the opportunity. 

2020 has presented some interesting marketing challenges, but don’t give up! There are so many ways to create awareness around your brand in times like these, not to mention, we love overcoming a good challenge!