Do you remember your first day at a new job? I remember a mix of emotions – excitement, nerves and a tiny bit of fear all wrapped up. 

Picture this: Walking into the first day, meeting with HR, and being handed a branded cotton XXL t-shirt, a tiny notebook and a pen. Just what you always dreamed of, right? 

It’s important for companies to get this right on day one. Work is important, a huge part of your employees lives, and they deserve to feel appreciated from day one. Go beyond the expectations for your employees, beginning with a new employee welcome kit. 

So, how do you nail the welcome kit? We can help with that!

Make it useful + valuable

Our biggest piece of advice to clients is to only purchase promotional items that are useful for your employees and clients. In this case, it’s extra important. The last thing you want to do is invest in your own team, and miss the mark.

There are so many useful ways you can bring your brand to life for your new employees! Here are a few tried and true products to consider: 

Pro Tip: We are a big fan of tone on tone logos for big ticket items. For example, a dark gray logo on a black backpack. Or a black logo on a black vest. These small tweaks to the typical promotional item looks so nice while still bringing value to your employee! 

Make it personal

Of course, a promotional item is personal in nature because it has your logo on it. 

That said, is it personal to your business? If your team is constantly on the road, you might consider a power bank. If you own a fitness studio, a reusable water bottle for your instructors is a great item to consider. 

We urge you to think about your employees and your business, and connect the two through promotional products. 

Make it look nice

Have you considered how you will present items to new employees? We love the idea of wrapping everything up in a tote or backpack

Give us a call to learn more about apparel, bags, notebooks, pens and anything else you may need to help build your company culture with promotional products, for employees new and old.