We are often asked for information about how our promotional products are decorated with your logo. In our industry, decoration refers to how your logo is added to a promotional product, be it branded pens, notebooks, bags or more. 

The answer changes regularly, as products can usually be decorated in more than one way. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, which we take into account before deciding. 

The most popular promotional product decoration methods include: screen printing, heat transfer, embroidering, debossing or embossing. Learn more about each of these methods below: 

Screen Printing

Also known as silk screening, this method allows for ink to be applied directly to the item through a customized screen.

Screen printing is most often used on t-shirts and sweatshirts, hoodies, and other soft goods with smooth surfaces. Screen printing is typically fairly economical, but you must have a minimum order quantity of 24. 

Heat Transfer

Artwork is digitally printed directly to a transfer film, then applied to the product. Similar in style to the screen print, we consider this a great alternative when you have less than 24 items.


Most everyone is familiar with embroidery, the process of stitching artwork directly to the product’s fabric. Embroidery is usually used on either thicker garments that can bear the weight of the stitch or on higher end products like a quarter zip. 

We love the look of embroidery for a professional and sophisticated promotional product! 


Debossing a logo is done by stamping into the surface of a product using a heated custom metal die. 

We just love a simple debossed logo on hard goods such as a notebook or leather product. This style allows for a high end look and feel, and allows for a subtle tone on tone logo. 

Now you are an expert on decoration methods for promotional products! 

Of course, different promotional products and materials will require different decoration methods, which we can help you define. We didn’t even cover laser engraving, pad printing, embossing, sublimation and more. 

The options are endless when it comes to making sure your promotional products are decorated in the best way possible. Send us a message today to learn more about our promotional product and decoration capabilities.