As access to technology continues to grow, so does competition. Standing out to your audience on the right platforms, giving them the content they want (or need!) at the right time and knowing what matters to them is crucial. 

In today’s digital society, social media is the perfect place to begin to do just that. 

Social media best practices are constantly changing and evolving! If you want to achieve success on social media this year, here are three trends you should be aware of: 

#1: Return to basics

Social media started as a way to connect with your friends and family, years ago. Back before business pages, people were sharing curated content –  a timeline of their lives, for all to see. This allowed social media users to form connections and feel like they were part of a larger community. 

As the amount of content increased and the algorithms changed, it turned into something much greater. How can a business succeed in this new world? By going back to basics!  For example:

  • Figure out who your audience is and what they are interested in. NOW GIVE THEM JUST THAT. Connect with them through your content and make them feel part of your community. 
  • Think “less is more” when creating content. People want to connect with you, not be bombarded by 15 posts each week! 
  • Respond to comments on posts. Share, like or comment when users tag you in a post or if you find content that is relevant to your business. 
  • Find ways to gain more user generated content to share with your audience. 

#2: Get Creative

Images, videos, podcasts, animated gifs, memes: whatever you have to do to be different, try it! 

Nobody wants to see a constant stream of “BUY OUR PRODUCTS, USE OUR SERVICES” posts. Prove your worth with content that forces users to slow their scroll. Then you can sprinkle in the hard sell content. 

Another way to get creative is to use Instagram stories. We feel strongly that stories are an excellent way to add personality and humanity to your brand. 

#3: Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing continues to grow, and it makes sense! 

Finding an authentic influencer (regardless of the number of followers they have) can be difficult, but it’s worth the effort. Followers can tell when a partnership is forced or genuine,  so influencers who authentically use your product will organically sell it to their audiences. 

While these trends are not life changing or brand new, they are easy to consider as your create and implement a social media strategy this year. 

Looking to improve your social media strategy? Give us a call, we would be happy to brainstorm!