Making an effort to acknowledge employees empowers them, which leads to lasting effects. 

That’s why we recommend enhancing the employee experience with branded products. 

With a carefully curated and customized strategy in place, branded products can enhance the relationship with your employees. Specifically, the benefits of employee engagement and recognition through branded products include: 

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Retain the best talent
  • Positive workplace culture and collaborative environment, creating an office space people are excited about
  • Ultimately, these items lead to increased employee motivation and profitability

Branded Products Benefit Every Organization

So, how and when do you use branded products in your organization? Here are some ideas: 

Recruitment and Onboarding

Using branded products for recruiting and onboarding can enhance a company’s image and foster a sense of belonging among new hires. It creates a professional and cohesive identity, instilling pride in employees and promoting a positive first impression, contributing to a more unified and engaged workforce. 

We love when clients have a basket of swag on the new employee’s desk on their first day. Another option is to create a new hire company store and let new employees select the items they want most, before their first day. 

Employee Wellbeing

Utilizing branded products for employee wellbeing initiatives can create a sense of appreciation and care, fostering a positive work environment. These items serve as tangible reminders of the company’s commitment to the well-being of its employees, contributing to a more supportive and motivated workforce.

Team member sick? Send them a branded mug and tea. New baby? Send them a branded baby blanket and onesie. We can help brainstorm the best items for your company and can also handle storage and fulfillment throughout the year. 

Rewards and Recognition

Incorporating branded products for employee recognition adds a personalized touch, making individuals feel valued and appreciated for their contributions. Opening a company store and offering gift cards to employees as a way to reward or recognize them is a great way to allow your team to select the items they want. 

Events and Tradeshows

Offering branded products to tradeshow attendees is super important, making your team feel unified is just as important. We recommend offering your team matching apparel and bags they can be proud to wear at the booth and tradeshow events. 

Never miss a reason for branded products!

Want to start small? We recommend coinciding with a National Holiday! Here are a few of of the most popular holidays you can use as a reason to show your team appreciation with branded products: 

  • National Fun at Work Day: January 28th
  • Employee Appreciation Day: March 1st
  • International Working Women’s Day: March 8th
  • National Administrative Professionals Day: April 21st
  • National Do Something Nice Day: October 5th
  • Thanksgiving: November 25th

Ready to create a branded product strategy for your team? 

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