For the first time in many years, a large majority (75%!!!) of new customers now learn about small business online – not through TV, print or radio. 

Now consider your business. Are you using digital marketing to promote yourself and your brand? If not, how will these new customers find you? This statistic really illustrates the importance of using digital marketing to grow your business. 

Let’s explore 3 reasons why your small business can benefit from digital marketing. 

1. Digital marketing is scalable.

Running a print ad typically requires an up front investment, without any idea of the rate of return. You create the ad, send it off and hope for the best. 

Digital marketing is more strategic. For example, you could run a small test on Facebook and have feedback on ad types and best performing creative in days. With digital marketing you are able to run A/B tests, optimize and maximize your investment. Once you know it works, you can easily scale your spend. 

Sounds like a win-win! 

2. It’s trackable

If you have Google Analytics on your small business’s website, you know how amazing the tracking capabilities are. You can easily see which pages people like, how long they stay and more. 

Digital marketing platforms all have similar metrics. This allows you to use your spend wisely!

3. Ensure you reach the right customers

When you place a traditional media buy – TV, print, out of home, etc – you hope it hits the right audience. With digital marketing – you can be sure. 

For example, you can select a very specific audience to see your ads. 

  • You can use multiple creatives to target different demographics. 
  • On Facebook you can upload a specific list of prospects and tell Facebook to show your ad to them, and nobody else!
  • You can use remarketing technology to target people who visited your website and did not convert. 

These are just three examples, but there are many more! Digital marketing is the best way to ensure you reach your target audience, and understand where your dollars are making the most impact.

We truly believe that effective small business advertising begins with digital marketing. Ready to go digital? Give us a call!