As the holidays approach, businesses everywhere are considering ways to celebrate their clients and employees. 

End of year gifting is an excellent way to show appreciation and nurture relationships. Whether you want to send one item or a fully customized box, a tech related gift is always an excellent choice. 

Check out our picks of the must-have tech items for the 2020 holiday gifting season below and let us know if you want to see a sample or need us to brainstorm other options for you! 


We love earbuds as a gift as they can be used at work and at home, even while working from home! The earbuds we source have excellent sound quality and a long battery life. With options priced from $40 – $249, this is an excellent gift across a range of price points. 

Bluetooth Speaker

A great option with multiple use cases! Throw a bluetooth speaker in your golf bag for a quick round, use on your patio during a dinner party or store in your house for family dance parties. 

The sound quality is excellent and we like the way it looks too! 

Webcam Cover

With the rise of Zoom calls and video conferencing, a branded webcam cover can help your employees regain a sense of privacy. It’s a simple item that really does bring comfort and peace during the work day! 

UV Sanitizer

You have heard us talk about the UV Sanitizer and Charger before, it is officially our favorite item of 2020!

Your phone is dirty, this is the solution! This item has UV-C light technology, which kills 99.99% of all germs on your phone’s surface in just minutes. They come with a charging pad inside, allowing you to literally kill two birds with one box (stone). 


Do you regularly lose your keys? Your phone? Wallet? Remote control? We can relate. 

The Tile Mate Tracker is the answer! By connecting to your phone, you can make the Tile Mate ring your items to alert you to their whereabouts. Game changer! 

Multi Use Charger

This 6-in-1 Wireless Power Bank is an excellent way to create brand awareness as it can be used so many different ways! The tool allows you to charge multiple devices at once, including your phone, ipad and laptop. 

Let us know how we can make your end of year gifting easier.