Typically, we like to start our blog posts on a positive note but we have to tell you something important. 

Your phone is dirty. 

Like, really dirty. 

Think about it. You take your phone everywhere you go and use it in between everything you touch. To make it worse, bateria LOVES warm, dark places – think purse or pocket – which is typically where you store your dirty phone. 

While you are washing hands regularly, are you washing your phone as well?

Insert the UV Sanitizer + Charger

How do you solve this problem? You wash your phone with UV-C light. UV-C light kills 99.99% of all germs on your phone’s surface in just minutes. The technology eliminates the need for chemical wipes.

Not only are you cleaning your phone when you use this, you are charging it as well! Most of these products are small boxes that double as a charging pad as well, making them super convenient for the office or next to your bed. 

Double Duty

These boxes can be used for more than just phones! Think keys, toys and other electronics. 

We have access to hundreds of different brands of UV sanitizers, and can easily add your logo for the perfect end of year gift for employees, customers and more. 

Send us a message today for some options or to see a sample!