One of the reasons why we love digital marketing so much is because it is always changing. A new year, and in this case a new decade, brings new trends!

We outlined some of the top trends for 2020, to help you stay ahead of the curve.

#1: Shoppable Posts

If you have an e-commerce site, you’ve likely wondered how to get your social media followers to visit your website. While we never frown on driving traffic to your website, shoppable posts make your social post a one stop shop.

Shoppable posts allow users to purchase products directly from ads or posts – without leaving the social media platform. Statistics say that more than 50% of people are researching and buying products on social media.

If you sell goods – we highly recommend you look into setting this up, or give us a call for help!

#2: Diversification of your social channels

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram seem like the obvious social media channels for many brands. But, what about YouTube? Instagram?

While we always say, “everyone is on Facebook”, it’s important to note that millennials are actually everywhere. These youth-centric channels are a great place to target a younger audience.

#3: Reporting will go beyond what Google Analytics can tell you

We love Google Analytics as much as the next person! It’s hard to beat a free tool that can give you up to the minute updates on traffic, conversions, events and other exciting information about your website.

That said, marketing has changed. It used to be as easy as visiting a website and purchasing a product, but it’s not anymore.

  • People visiting from mobile may call you directly.
  • With so much information, people may visit your website 6 times throughout their decision journey before converting in store.
  • Purchase paths are longer and very complicated – some channels may not be driving conversions, but are assisting throughout the path.

In addition to the new trends discussed above, there are still some emerging technologies from 2019 that you should be aware of.  

  • Voice Search – As more and more people use digital assistants (Siri, Alexa, Google, etc.), it’s important to ensure your SEO strategy includes a strategy for voice search.
  • Video – Remember the saying content is king? Well, video content is the real king these days. Instagram stories, video in feed and in ads is still a big opportunity for brands this year.

Despite all of the changes and new trends, the core of digital marketing is still the same.

Creating personal relationships with the right audience – essentially giving people what they want, when and where they want it – is the ultimate goal.

New technologies and new trends are just here to help us improve. You will always win if you get the small stuff right – price, customer service, upselling, etc.

Are you still working on your digital marketing strategy for the year? Give us a call, we would be happy to give you feedback or talk through your options with you!