Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe it, but here we are in a new year and a new decade!

We know, more than anyone, that it can be difficult to find new and exciting branded giveaways or promotional products that are a little bit different and will be appreciated by the recipient. Lucky for you, a new year brings new ideas! 

Here are some new promotional products for 2020 that we think you will love: 

#1: Tech envelope

People love “tech stuff” for their “tech stuff”. This envelope is just that! The perfect place to store your iPad, phone, headphones, chargers and more. 

branded tech roll

#2: Phone + Watch Charging Station

How many chargers and electronics do you have? Look at your desk or next to your bed – probably quite a few! We love this set, the perfect way to simplify and make a statement. 

branded charging station

#3: Private Eyes

We actually cannot take credit for this. A client asked for something to cover the camera on their laptop and we thought. “Challenge accepted”! 

Such a fun (and small) item to provide to employees with their laptop, or to hand out at trade shows or college recruiting events. 

branded camera cover

#4: Metallic Lip Moisturizer Stick

One big trend we are seeing in the promotional word? Health and beauty items!

While these types of items are obviously excellent for events that target young women such as college recruiting events, we also think this works great for health and wellness industry!  

branded chapstick

Of course, trends change regularly and we always have new brands and products to offer you. If you are looking to try something different this year, just contact us or give us a call and we will brainstorm some great ideas, specific to your business.