If you are a client of ours, surely we have discussed the growing popularity of video on social media. As Instagram and other social platforms have shifted to include more video, the need for businesses to create this type of content continues to increase

We recommend starting small and using your video across as many platforms as possible. Turn an Instagram Reels video into a post on YouTube or Facebook, a tweet, a LinkedIn article and add to Google My Business to get maximum bang for your buck. 

Here are a few of our favorite ideas for videos to create this month: 

Online Tutorial

People spend so much time on their phones, and many get news and information from social media. Use this opportunity to create simple videos about how to use your products and services. 

Start simple by using a walkthrough format – feature a presenter who can demonstrate the product or service while talking through what they are doing. Make it light and fun, and hit the key benefits of your brand. 


We love recommending interview videos to our clients because one short interview can be cut into many different videos. 

Like everything else, start small. Have someone ask the CEO three questions about your product or service and share that with your audience. You can also engage your audience by interviewing thought leaders in similar industries or partnering with a similar brand to talk about how your products and services play well together. These videos can be live or pre-recorded. 

We love the idea of putting up an Ask Me Anything box in your Instagram stories to gather questions beforehand as well! 

Behind The Scenes

If our company created a behind the scenes video, it would include a lot of laughing and probably some unorganized messes too. This is a perfect example of why these are not for everyone. 

But – these videos do work VERY well for some businesses. They are a great way to humanize your brand and your team, allowing you to better connect with your audience. We love watching these videos, especially office tours, a day in the life or maybe an unboxing of inventory. 

See – video can be easy! Start with an iphone and a good attitude, you will be shocked at how fun the process can be!

Need help developing a social video strategy or producing a video? Give us a call for more information!