As part of an internal brainstorm, we pulled together a list of our most requested promotional items in 2020.

They include:  

  1. Drinkware
  2. Outerwear
  3. High end pens
  4. Masks

Even more interesting, the team agreed that our favorite promotional items ro receive are all on this list. Read on about these items and why they are so popular. 


Looking to reach Gen X? They are 72% more likely to do business with the advertiser

who gave them quality branded drinkware. 

Most importantly: 42% of recipients have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if the promotional product they received was environmentally friendly. What is more environmentally friendly than a reusable water bottle or coffee cup? 

Find some of our favorite drink wear in our store

Bonus points if you add branded metal straws as well! 


This stat surprised even us –  42% of women wear their promo outerwear on a weekly basis! That allows for 6,100 impressions over a lifetime for a branded piece of outerwear. 

In Cleveland, we wear outerwear most of the year. That said, our team members and clients in warmer climates still flock to fleece vests, jackets and more. Branded apparel, especially outerwear, has been a top seller for us for many years. You can’t go wrong here! 

If you really want to wow the recipients, try a tone on tone logo on a North Face or Patagonia vest. Your brand will still be seen, but in a less obvious and high end way. 


In a recent study, U.S. consumers were asked which promotional products they currently owned and nearly 9 in 10 consumers report owning a branded pen! 

Branded writing utensils are kept for 9 months on average, generating 3,000 branded impressions throughout their life. When you consider the cost of a pen, even a high end pen, the cost per impression garnered is impressive. 

Most importantly though, more than half of recipients said that they would be more likely to do business with the advertiser that gave them the promo writing instrument. The proof is in the pudding. 

If you need a little extra something to go with the pen, may we recommend our very favorite notebook


Prior to 2020, masks would not have made our “top of” anything list, but if we are going to wear them, we want to wear them in style – and comfort! Check out a recent blog post here about what you need to know before finding the right mask for you, as well as a few of our favorite options here

What are your favorite promotional items, either to give or receive? 

Need new ideas? We love to brainstorm – and promise not to just recommend coffee mugs, pens and fleece! Contact us today for custom ideas for your business. *All stats from this article were pulled from the 2019 ASI Global Ad Impressions Study.