Introducing Instagram Reels: a new way to record 15-second clips set to music on Instagram.

Sound familiar? That’s because this concept is nearly identical to TikTok! 

Reels allow users to: 

  • Record and edit 15 second video clips with music
  • Share videos to stories and Reels tab on your profile
  • Share or use music from other reels 

Learn more about the platform, here

Why Reels? 

Of course, we cannot say for sure, but it feels like Reels is Instagram’s direct response to the growing popularity of TikTok. 

According to AdWeek, TikTok had more downloads for any app, ever, in Q1 of 2020. The growing number of downloads means a growing and changing demographic. While once popular with Gen Z, Millennials and even Gen Xers are making up a larger share of the platform’s user base. 

As we saw with IG Stories (a similar platform to Snapchat) and IGTV (very similar to YouTube), Instagram knows how to replicate a tried and true format. Reels is an excellent way to increase downloads and  time spent on the app. 

Using Instagram Reels for Business

Like Instagram Stories, Reels is just another way to increase engagement, reach and followers. If successful, this tool could allow businesses an entirely new opportunity to market themselves with video. 

Remember, consumers continue to prefer video content over anything else. That said, the content needs to be creative and authentic, which brands will be empowered to do on this new platform.

Already using IG Stories? Then there is no reason why you shouldn’t try Reels for your business! Here are a few different types of content you could create to integrate Reels into your marketing strategy: 

  1. Authentic Content – Instagram Reels are designed to be fast and fun and are packed full of special effects that make creating captivating and authentic content simple. Examples of great content include: showing a more human side of your business, offering a product overview or showcasing a testimonial of your service. 
  2. Educational Content – Sharing content to help your community is an excellent place to start. A photographer could share 3 tips about using your iphone. A real estate agent could offer suggestions for DIY updates before listing. A restaurant could share an easy recipe. Be creative! 
  3. Service and Product Content – Reels offers a great opportunity for businesses to drive awareness of their product and service offerings. A boutique could share their new arrivals. A vet could share top food brands for sale in the office. Remember – this is supposed to be fun! 

Even in its infancy, Reels is proving to be a space for relatable bite-sized content that keeps you coming back for more. 

Are you going to use IG Reels for your business?