SEO and content marketing have been compared to peanut butter and jelly.

Both delicious on their own, but at their best when combined. We couldn’t agree with this sentiment any more!

Content marketing and SEO are both effective digital marketing tactics. While they do go hand-in-hand, the two tactics are slightly different. SEO is narrowly focused on keywords, and has many technical components. Content marketing is broad and holistic, covering a range of topics and mediums. But the magic really happens when both are done in combination. 

You can use SEO to benefit and amplify your content marketing strategy by giving your content a chance to rank in the search engines. 

For example, are you creating a blog post? Then you should:

  • Add a title and meta description
  • Apply alt text to all images
  • Optimize content for targeted keywords
  • Add links to to other blog posts/pages on your website

But the real opportunity lies in using content marketing to benefit SEO. 

  • SEO requires content—without it, you have nothing. Enter content marketing! 
  • SEO requires keywords. If you don’t have keywords, your content will never show up on the search engines when people are searching. Enter content marketing! 
  • SEO requires backlinks to the site from outside sources. If you can create excellent content, people will share and link to it. Enter content marketing!
  • SEO is most successful with consistent implementation, i.e. regularly scheduled blog posts, articles, videos, etc. Enter content marketing!

As you can see, SEO benefits content marketing and content marketing benefits SEO. While you could have one without the other, the reality is that neither tactic will generate the results you want until you begin implementing them both together.

After all, what good is a blog post that no one is finding or reading? What good is a long list of well-researched keywords if you have no content to contain those keywords?

Now, take a moment to think through your current digital marketing strategy. Are you implementing SEO? How about content marketing? Most importantly, are you implementing them in tandem?

If not, give us a call. We always offer free 30 minute consultations to help you get started!