You likely spent hours of your time, we are talking blood, sweat and tears, getting your website ready to launch. Now what? 

Don’t let that hard work go to waste! Start with a simple first step: Google Analytics! Creating an account and adding the tracking tag is very easy. Need help? Give us a call, we can walk you through it or handle it for you!

Once you begin tracking the data, it’s time to dive in:

Page Views

In its most simple terms, a page view is the instance of a user visiting a page on your website. We recommend tracking this information on a regular basis so you can understand shifts in your website traffic. 

*Tip: Consider looking at the average page views per visit. Based on your business, if the average page views is too high or too low, there may be an issue. For example, if a website is meant to drive conversions, users should only need to visit 1 or 2 pages to complete the conversion goal.  

For even more detail, look at website traffic by channel source. This way you can see exactly where traffic is coming from. Paid Search, organic search, email, social media, etc.  Measuring how people are finding your website, and then taking steps to amplify that traffic purposefully is a great way to use website data to propel your business. 

Pages Visited

Google Analytics offers some interesting data on their platform, including the ability to see where people are entering and exiting your website. 

You should review this data to inform future website updates. Does everyone enter through the homepage? Maye you need a blog with more content or to test new landing pages. Does everyone leave when they hit the services page? Maybe it’s time to streamline or simplify that page to improve user experience. 

You can also review the most visited pages. If the number one page on your website is a blog about your top selling product, create more blog posts about that product or talk about it more on social media. Understanding what content people consume will help drive content strategies moving forward. 


This is our favorite piece of data to look at! 

Make sure you are tracking every conversion point on the site as a goal. For many people this includes contact form fills, website purchases or phone call clicks. Typically, a conversion is what drives  your business, so understanding the path to conversion is the KEY to getting more. 

Knowing the channel that drove the conversion is also important. For most of our clients, organic search drives the most conversions. That said, yours could come from a different source. 

Understanding who is on your site and what they are doing while there will allow you to make smarter marketing decisions in the future. This  guide is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Google Analytics for your website, and there is so much data available to you. We urge you to start small and go from there; knowledge is power!

We believe that analytics should be the foundation of any good marketing strategy. Need help with that first step? Contact us today