We understand that everyone is searching for promotional products that represent their companies in the best possible way. When you invest in a promotional item, you have the opportunity to align your brand, no matter how big or small, with a national brand. 

Why should you care about aligning with a powerful brand? Just like memorable people, brands that stand out from the crowd do so because:

  • They’re impressionable and usually prove to be worth the investment (in time or money).
  • They intrigue people. 
  • They are different. 
  • They force people to slow down and pay attention.
  • Popular brands are usually compelling, relevant and engaging. 
  • They entertain. 
  • They stand out. 

Isn’t that what you want for your brand? Especially in today’s noisy world, filled with content and images and platforms and channels. 

Ready to consider a well known brand for your next promotional item as a way to add serious value? Try our suggestions below, with an example for every budget: 


Talk about perceived value, this brand has a reputation for quality and toughness. Think duffel bags, winter hats and workwear. 

Suggested item: Winter Beanie

branded carhartt hat


Comfort, quality and style – that is what Yeti stands for. With products ranging from a coffee mug to a wine glass to a cooler, you can truly bring value for every partner, client or employee. 

Suggested item: Coffee tumblers 

branded yeti

The North Face

A long term brand, The north Face has been making activewear and outdoor sports gear for more than 50 years. Imagine aligning your brand by adding your logo to a backpack, vest or fleece jacket. 

Suggested Item: Backpack 

Moleskin, TILE, Under Armor, Lululemon – we have access to hundreds of national brands for you to consider. 

As always, feel free to contact us for help brainstorming your next promotional item. We can suggest the best popular retail brands for your business.