Every year it seems like the winter holidays begin earlier and earlier. 

We understand why this happens. Americans spend billions of dollars on gifts, decor, food and entertainment for holidays throughout the year. For that reason, holiday shopping accounts for a significant share of retail sales in this country. 

Ready to capitalize on the most profitable time of the year? You can, with a well planned campaign. 

How do I develop a holiday marketing campaign? 

Developing a successful holiday marketing campaign involves tailoring your messaging to meet the needs of consumers looking to spend their money during the season. 

Click here or here for some examples of brands that have created offers that stand out from the crowd.

Why is a holiday marketing campaign so important?

  • Shopping is a holiday ritual: People love to spend money, and during this time of year, they tend to spend it the most. 
  • Your competition is likely doing it, and if they aren’t, you will have an edge. 

What can I do this year, with a small budget? 

  • Make your website festive! Make people smile with a festive header image or a fun flash element. 
  • Create holiday content! Create an emotional connect with your social media audience or blog readers by presenting holiday content. 
  • Offer a small discount for holiday shoppers! Bonus points if you offer a discount for “early bird” shoppers to encourage users to purchase your product or service early in the season. 
  • Send a holiday focused email – thank your customers, offer them a discount, and talk to them about the holiday and what it means to your business. 
  • Send a thank you to your best clients! We have access to over 900,000 promotional items, a great way to show your appreciation and create brand awareness as part of your holiday campaign. 
  • Host a contest on your social media channels to increase reach and engagement during a busy season. 

We hope you found this information to be helpful! If you would like some help crafting a holiday marketing campaign or strategy, give us a call, we would be happy to help! 

Happy Holidays!