We often have clients who are slightly skeptical about the effectiveness of Facebook or Instagram ads. As a newer digital tactic, we understand the hesitation, so we love when we have the opportunity to create case studies like this! 

Take a look at our newest case study, which shows one example of how successful our clients can be with paid social ads. This is a B2C example, but we see this type of success with B2B clients as well! 


After working with a client to redesign their website, they asked us for ideas to help drive more e-commerce sales for their daily floral division. 


After some brainstorming, we presented a cohesive social media strategy, coupling social media content with paid ads. 

Implementation – Social media content

We began by creating engaging and realistic content for existing followers. The goals were:

  • Create organic engagement and increase the reach of content
  • Showcase all sides of the business  

While this content may not tie back directly to sales, we feel it is important to have a holistic approach to social media. If someone sees a brand’s ad and clicks back to their social page, it’s important for them to see an active and interesting page to maximize effectiveness.

Implementation – Paid social ads

The bread and butter of the campaign was the paid social ads, which ran on Facebook and Instagram. We created specific ads for each audience, offering a small discount to first time customers and a holiday discount as well. 

The key to this successful campaign was utilizing the different audience segments available through Business Manager. In this case, we used interest based targeting as well as more specific targeting, including:

  • Existing customers
  • 1% of the population who most closely resemble existing customers


After just one month, daily floral sales more than doubled, increasing 105% over the same time period last year. We also saw an increase in followers to both the Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Interested in driving sales for your business? Contact us today to chat about a strategy and budget.