Meet Katie Trifiletti, our intern! 

We are thrilled to welcome our newest intern, Katie, who joined us a few weeks ago as a bright-eyed (literally) and bushy-tailed (not literally) graphic design and marketing student from Baldwin Wallace University.

Katie has a passion for design, marketing and bagels! (Not really, but she has worked her way up to an Associate Trainer position at Panera over the last 5 years).

Read on to find out more about our newest team member…

Where are you from?

I was born and raised here, in the Cleveland area! My family lived in Rocky River, and now Avon for almost 15 years.

How do you explain what you do to your parents?

I pretty much tell them, or anyone really, that I make logos and layouts for brochures. Basically anything you see in print or online for a company.

What’s the best job you have ever had?

This one! I love graphic design, so being able to do it every day has been so much fun. It’s been awesome to put the skills I’ve learned to the test, and learn about the marketing world, as well.

When did you realize that graphic design is what you wanted to do with your life?

I’ve always been really into the fine arts. I’ve been painting and drawing since I was little, so I knew that I wanted to work in a creative field. When I had to do a report in the 8th grade on a career, I found graphic design, and knew it was what I wanted to study. After starting my first design class in school, I fell in love!

We joked about bagels, but let’s get serious. What would you choose for your last meal?

I would definitely go with steak (medium-rare of course) and mashed potatoes.

What makes you happy?

Getting to spend time with my friends and family, listening to music, and painting.

What is one secret skill you have that not many people know about?

I’m actually pretty good at painting portraits. It’s a really long process, but I love doing them and adding in all the little details to make them look as realistic as possible.  

What are you most looking forward about this summer?

Working for The Markey Group, moving into my first apartment, and getting to relax!

Everyone, meet Katie! Katie, meet everyone!

We look forward to teaching Katie as much as we can, learning from her, and allowing her the chance to learn from our clients as well! She will be joining us for meetings and lunches and we can’t wait for you to get to know (and love) her!