When you think about social media usage,  consider your own habits.

Do you prefer Facebook or Instagram? The news today continues to report that most people would select Instagram. So, is Facebook usage actually in decline?

Third party data from eMarketer proves that maybe yes, it is. As you can see below, Facebook (red) declines over time and into the future, while Instagram (Black) continues to increase.

What this data really shows is that engagement – the amount of time people spend on the platform – is down. And we have seen this on other reports as well.

For example, the latest Edison Research ‘Infinite Dial’ report showed that Facebook has lost around 15 million active users in the US in the last two years.

That said, Instagram usage and engagement continues to rise!

  • 22% of all Instagram users log in at least once a day.
  • 38% of users check Instagram multiple times a day.
  • On an average day, users share more than 95 million photos and videos.

Here is a great article about Instagram statistics, if you are interested!

In addition to rising engagement, users seem to be comfortable being marketed to on Instagram. 83% of Instagrammers say they discover new products and services on Instagram. Music to your ears if you sell products or services on the platform.

What does all of this mean? Why does this matter? As a marketer, you want to spend your money where you will see results. So many of our clients ask us if that is Facebook or Instagram. And when it comes to paid social media, our opinion is that if you can use both platforms to your advantage, it will pay off!

Facebook and Instagram have targeting strategies that are unmatched – lookalike audiences, interest targeting and more – all of this is valuable, regardless of engagement metrics.

In addition to the target capabilities, here are some additional benefits of paid advertising on the two platforms:

  • Amplify your reach and gain brand awareness – Advertising on social media gives your brand instant visibility.
  • Fit any budget – Five dollars or fifty thousand dollars, there is no minimum or maximum budget on these platforms!
  • They perform well – A recent study also found that ads on Facebook and Instagram perform much better than regular digital ads, with up to 9x higher click through rates!  

Instagram and Facebook are both great platforms to use as you try to drive awareness and conversions for your business.

Are you taking advantage of these platforms? If not, give us a call to discuss how you can integrate social media into your marketing strategy.