‘Make a killing’ this Halloween season with creative marketing ideas for your small business

//‘Make a killing’ this Halloween season with creative marketing ideas for your small business

Scarily Good Halloween Marketing

According to Forbes, Halloween is the perfect time of year for retailers. Consumers expect holiday-themed and unique surprises from small businesses in the month of October, so promotions and special marketing efforts really pay off.

Take advantage of this exciting time of year and catch the attention of current and prospective clients with these spooky and fun-filled marketing ideas!   

Hold an Online Costume Contest

Social media is filled with creative Halloween costumes and decorations throughout the month of October.

Stir up excitement and exposure by creating a hashtag directly related to the holiday, such as #MyCoompanyNameCostumeContest and encourage customers to upload their best Halloween moments. Choose winners based on specific criteria and share them on your social media channels or offer a gift card prize!

Decorate Your Store & Website

Nothing screams Halloween fun like spooky decorations! If you have a physical storefront for your small business, be sure to decorate the space with ghosts, skeletons, pumpkins, and family-friendly trimmings.

You can also spice up your website with a scary pop-up video or add spooky themed music to your homepage.

Offer a Giveaway

Everyone loves giveaways, and a Halloween-based giveaway is even better!

Whether you give away a scary product, a safety product, or a fall-themed product, The Markey Group can find the perfect personalized promotional item for your needs. This LED Pumpkin Trick-or-Treat Bag is our favorite!

Take Advantage of Social Media

Throughout the month of October, there are always Halloween-themed trending hashtags on Twitter and Instagram that you can take advantage of and gain more exposure.

October 26th is National Pumpkin Day, so make sure you have the perfect shot ready to post on your social media pages.  

Take Advantage of Social Media

Last but not least, Halloween happiness can be achieved through one word: candy.

TMG can help you create personalized candy bags with your logo front and center to send to clients to gain brand exposure. Think of it as reverse trick-or-treating! Who doesn’t love receiving candy?!

What are your favorite ways to market your small business in the month of October?


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