Is it time to redesign your website? Don’t forget about SEO if so!

//Is it time to redesign your website? Don’t forget about SEO if so!

Why Redesign your Website?

It’s easy to become ‘comfortable’ with your website’s design. After all, you see it everyday and you’ve grown accustomed to every aspect and detail of the page. However, it’s time to think about a redesign.

The best way to build an effective website is to keep SEO in mind at all times. Search engine optimization ensures your page is visible on the internet, and using SEO strategies to build your site is the key to gaining exposure with potential clients. Our experts at The Markey Group will optimize your site’s SEO by using technical best practices and researched-based keywords to set you up to rank well in the engines.  

Websites that are user-friendly gain the most traction and are enjoyable for page visitors to navigate. Valuable and easy-to-read content are essential for any site, and our site editors can help you create headlines, meta tags, and blog content to build engagement.

We worked diligently to create a fresh, new, user-friendly site for Dunn Hardware! Check out some of the new and improved highlights below.

Dunn Hardware’s New Site Features

SEO optimization

We optimized Dunn Hardware’s website by implementing technical best practices, effective keywords, page titles and metas, focusing on site speed and an effective linking structure. We placed strategic search phrases on the page and used a simple, clean URL to attract traffic. Our SEO experts can work with you to optimize your search results and generate organic search results to your page!

Multiple, strong call-to-action buttons

A call-to-action on a website is a button or opportunity to guide users to respond to your page. “Find out more”, “join our mailing list”,  or “call now” are all effective call-to-action techniques.

We incorporated several call-to-action buttons in Dunn Hardware’s new site. They engage consumers and provides them with the opportunity to stay in the loop or find our more information about the business.

Images, Colors and Fonts

We worked diligently to design an aesthetically pleasing site for Dunn Hardware. We incorporated high-quality images, clean and light colors and easy-to-read fonts that make a user-friendly experience for anyone who visits the site.   

We are certainly proud of Dunn Hardware’s new and improved site! Contact The Markey Group today so we can create an effective and great-looking site for you, too!

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