If you are a client of ours, you know we feel strongly that online reviews play a large part in your customer’s decision journey.

Consider your own behavior: do you Google a restaurant before you plan a trip there? Do you search for a brand before you purchase their products? In most cases, the answer is yes! 

In addition to creating trust for potential customers with positive reviews, reviews are also necessary from an SEO perspective. Many studies have shown that reviews are part of the local search algorithm – both quantity and quality of the review is important! 

So, where should you get started? Here is some information about what we think is the most popular platform, as well as some tips to gain more reviews for your business. 

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is the starting point for any online review marketing strategy. 

Why? Because it’s Google! Your reviews will determine your rankings on Google Maps and within the Local Pack on the search engine results page. Plus – these are the most obvious reviews for your potential customers – they are easy to find and read. 

How do you earn reviews on Google? 

Let’s start with the obvious: you should set up a Google My Business profile. (If you don’t have this complete, give us a call and whether you are a client or not, we will handle it for you ASAP!). 

Now you need to login to your Google My Business profile for the direct link to provide customers to leave a review. Our recommendation is to share this link with customers at common interaction points. For example:

  • A dentist could leave a QR code with the review link at the checkout counter. Staff can ask people to leave a review as they exit the building. 
  • A hair salon can send a follow up text through their scheduling app with a link for a review. 
  • A clothing store can send an email after purchase asking for a review. 

In addition to asking for reviews directly, you can also:

  • Integrate your Google My Business review link into your email marketing campaigns. 
  • Use your email signature to ask your customers to leave reviews.
  • Write personal emails that request reviews. The context of the personal email should make it clear that the email is not mass produced.

Google isn’t the only location where you can ask for reviews. 

We recommend giving options to your customers. Reviews are important to have on: Facebook, Yelp and the Better Business Bureau. 

If you aren’t a fan of manually requesting reviews, there are services available to handle the process for you. We have worked with Grade.us and BirdEye and recommend both!

In conclusion, user reviews play a crucial role in modern brand perception and also organic search performance. As a brand, you should be actively requesting reviews as often as possible. 

Questions about your review strategy? Contact us today and we can set up time to discuss!