The transition to remote work over the last year has created opportunities for people to rely on their smartphones to complete their work. 

If you are a social media marketer (or really anyone who touches social media at any point in the day!), then you know that doing it from your phone can be tricky. 

We pulled together a list of apps that make your life easier, help you create beautiful content and manage campaigns from your car, your couch, even the beach! 

#1. Buffer

One of the most popular and well-known apps for scheduling content can be used on your desktop and your smartphone (bonus points!).

Buffer allows you to post and schedule updates to almost every social platform. The best part? They offer a free subscription model as well as paid plans, depending on the size of your business. 

#2. Canva

This isn’t the first time we have raved about the Canva platform – we feel very strongly that every social media marketer should be using it! 

Their latest smartphone app allows you to access templates (or start from a blank slate!) for Instagram Stories, posts on all platforms, Reels and more. Plus they have special effects, hundreds of fonts to choose from and it’s all very easy to use. 

Bonus points: Canva can do more than just social media. Need a logo? Canva can do it! A business card, brochure or presentation? Canva can do it! 

#3. REP

If you are considering an influencer program, REP is the place for you. 

REP is a free marketplace platform where influencers can connect with brands for collaboration. Businesses can post a product to feature, and then influencers will apply for free and/or paid collaborations.

#4. Adobe Spark Post

Graphic designer or not, creating animated graphics outside of the office and away from your computer is tough. 

Adobe Spark Post is here to solve that problem! The very easy to use app offers different templates and ideas, and it allows you to add animated effects to graphics for social media! 

#5. Mention

A key way to find important conversations for your brand to interact with is to use this app! 

Their mobile app allows users to monitor and engage in conversations and view insights to help your social strategy.

And one bonus recommendation: Slack!

To be successful at any digital marketing task, you need to collaborate with your team. Here at The Markey Group, we use slack to stay in touch.  Discuss strategy, plan for deadlines, collaborate on ideas – this is our favorite tool and it makes working remotely feel easy. 

What are your favorite tools for managing digital marketing and social media campaigns?