Are you looking for ways to expand your reach on Instagram? 

We can help! The following blog post highlights ways to reach a larger audience using the Instagram platform. 

#1: Run a Contest

We’ve all entered an Instagram contest. Follow, like and comment for a chance to win. Easy enough! 

We suggest trying some different ideas with your next contest. For example: 

  • Broaden your reach by partnering with someone else to run a contest! To enter, users must follow both accounts. 
  • Focus on giving back – for every like or comment you might donate $1 to a local charity. Ask people to tag their favorite charity and you can select one to receive a donation. Give back while making people feel good about your brand. 

#2: Schedule an Instagram live with a partner

ACTION! Going live on Instagram can be overwhelming, but it allows you an opportunity to show your followers a more candid and personal side of you and your business. 

One way to increase your audience is to invite someone to do it with you! Adding another account to your live allows both audiences the opportunity to watch – this creates opportunities for you to both reach a wider audience. 

Not sure who to invite? Here are some ideas to get you thinking!

  • A thought leader with experience in your industry
  • An influencer or top customer – someone who likes your products and is comfortable with Instagram and being in front of the computer 
  • A competitor – join forces to succeed together

#3: Try Instagram Ads

While we recommend trying some of the “free” options listed above first, we also think sinking a small budget into ads is a great way to increase your reach. 

Instagram ads are very simple to use. You can set up within the IG app on your phone very easily! They allow you to reach your target market and also provide you with solid data and insights after each campaign. 

Ready to start?

It might seem overwhelming, but these ideas are simple enough that you could implement them tomorrow and have a larger audience the next day. 

As you begin testing these ideas, please keep in mind that Instagram is a social community. Your followers are part of YOUR community. Once you have earned their follow, you should continue to focus on engaging them and nurturing your relationship with them! 

What do you think? Have you tried any of these tactics? If we can help you get started, please just let us know and we would be happy to talk. 

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