Most conversations we have with potential clients revolve around how we can help drive new business leads. Sometimes that’s through promotional items, sometimes through digital marketing, but 99% of the time, that is the goal.

We almost always ask the same question in those meetings, “Do you have a lead list?”. If so, we can help!

As we talk about regularly, Facebook has some impressive targeting capabilities.

One of our favorites is the ability to create custom audiences. In simple terms, we can upload a lead list and Facebook will find those people in their database and target them with your message!

Even better, Facebook can also create lookalike audiences, which equates to the 1% of the population that most closely resembles your lead list.

The opportunities are endless with this technology from Facebook.

You can upload existing customer lists for up-sell purposes, you can target old customers with a special offer to welcome them back. You can target people you met at a trade show with awareness messaging. The options are endless!

Do you have a customer list? If so, give us a call and we can help you build a strategy for Facebook!