How many different types of drinks do you consume on a daily basis?

We’re not really all that different at the end of the day, so let us pave the way: coffee, water, wine, smoothies, soda and beer! 

That’s a lot of drinks and a lot of drinkware used throughout each day! 

Why are we preaching about drinks and drinkware? We are consistently telling our clients that the most important consideration when selecting a promotional item is whether or not that item is useful. In the case of drinkware – the answer is always yes! 

According to the 2019 Ad Impression study by ASI Central: 

  • 78%of consumers own promotional Drinkware
  • 84% of baby boomers own promotional drinkware
  • 71% of Gen X’ers are more likely to do business with the advertiser who gave them Promo Drinkware
  • Promotional drinkware generates 1,400 impressions throughout its lifetime
  • Branded drinkware is kept for an average of 12 months

There are countless options when it comes to drinkware, so we are here to simplify the process for you. 

Consider your brand

Are you a realtor that gives away a bottle of wine at each closing? Easy – a wine glass or wine tumbler is perfect for you. Are you a corporation trying to surprise and delight your employees who are working from home? A coffee mug to start each day is the best choice. A fitness studio? A water bottle makes sense! 

Of course, not all brands and business models will align with a type of drinkware this easily, but considering your brand is a great start!

Consider your clients

How old are your clients? What do they have in common? What do you hope to achieve with your promotional item? We recommend you think through these questions to narrow down your options. 

Here are some of our favorite drinkware products: 

1. Anything from YETI

What we love about this brand is that everything has multiple uses. The ramblers can be used for water, coffee, beer or wine! Their coolers are durable. Each product is better than the next. 

2. Otterbox

Another solid brand name with an excellent reputation. You can feel good about putting your logo on these products! 

3. Easy Water Bottles

In our efforts to reduce plastic waste, we love any form of reusable water bottle. This is one of our favorites, it is high quality with an excellent shape! 

4. Timer Bottle 

Do you drink enough water throughout the day? Gift this timer bottle to your employees and clients to keep them well hydrated. 

Branded drinkware is a high-impact, cost-effective advertising medium for your consideration. Give us a call for more information or options for your brand!