Imagine the softest shirt you own. Now imagine one even softer! Think about a shirt that is so soft, you never want to take it off. That is Marine Layer apparel. 

Mike Natenshon founded Marine Layer in 2009, creating an apparel brand with offerings as soft as the favorite tee his then-girlfriend threw away. While we don’t know exactly how soft that shirt his ex threw away is, we do know that this brand’s fabric is even softer. 

And that soft material works. In the last eleven years, the Marine Layer brand has continued to show growth, expanding into retail stores with both mens and womens offerings.

We now have access to this amazing brand, one you will be proud to add your logo to. Here are a few of our favorite pieces:

Recycled Crew Neck 

You might be wondering how a tshirt can be recycled? We were too! This one is 100% recycled one-of-a-kind yarn, made from their customer’s old tees. Every color in this comes from previously dyed yarn – meaning NO added dye or wasted water. Pretty amazing! 

Sherpa Zip Up Hoodie 

Made in both mens and women’s sizes, this hoodie is soft. Dangerously soft. We aren’t even being dramatic! We think this is a great gift for employees; something for them to leave at their desk in the office or wear all weekend long. 

Sport Quarter Zip

The Sport Quarter Zip features a moisture-wicking fabric that’s so soft you won’t have a need for other clothes. This is a great holiday gift for clients, especially with a tone on tone logo on the chest or shoulder. 

Signature Soft Lined Blanket

This blanket, featuring absurdly soft Signature Fabric on one side  and a Tri-Blend Sherpa Fleece on the other, is so comfortable you will never need another blanket. Add this to a box with a sweatshirt for your very best customers!

Have we sold you on the softness yet? If not, we are happy to bring you a sample so you can feel for yourself! 

As always, contact us if you have any questions or need a quote for these products.