Customer Appreciation Gifts

Ahh… customer meetings. It’s been a while since we have been able to do one of our favorite things – connect with customers in person! 

Even as the world begins to get back to business, we expect it to be quite some time before we get back to the usual hustle and bustle of in-person meetings, conferences and trade shows. 

With many of your customers working remotely, now is the time to show your appreciation! Create a connection with your clients through experiences and surprise packages. Here are a few campaign ideas to get you thinking: 

Work From Home Box

With your employees and customers working from home, it’s extra important to connect with them. In an effort to make that easy for you, we created a custom store, so you can easily view some popular items with YOUR logo. 

You can order directly from the website, or contact us to handle. All items can be drop shipped to your employees homes. It’s so easy! 


  • Select the product you like
  • Click “Design Now” button
  • Upload your logo or text


Follow the steps from there to order. Too busy to order? We can handle for you, just give us a call. See something you like, but have a different price point in mind? Call us, and we are happy to send additional options!

Social Media Giveaway

Gaining engagement on social media can be challenging. Try a giveaway! 

Every week, ask people to comment and tag a friend for a chance to win something with your brand. Or just thank people for following along, and pull five followers each week to recieve a small item, such as:

Summer Box

More than ever, people are looking forward to summer this year. If you live in Cleveland, you definitely understand as it was snowing just a few days ago, in May! 

How about some summer items for your clients? 

If you have the budget to send a kit, all of these items can be mixed and matched. We can create a custom box and include personalized notes for you as well. 

The Classics

Still not sure how to connect with your client? A simple gift with a note will go far. We are happy to personalize the notes and handle shipping for you as well! 

You can never go wrong with a budget friendly, classic branded item. These are high quality items that have stood the test of time, yet still affordable for any business:

Whether you use one of the ideas above or have an idea of your own, we can make sure your customers feel the love, even while social distancing! We have a fulfillment team ready to go to help you with these types of orders!  Contact us today for more information or for a quote.