“I hope you are safe and healthy”

“These are uncertain times”

“We are all in this together”

Three phrases that are said on a regular basis in this “new world” of ours. Things sure have changed in the last two months! 

With these changes comes a new way of doing business and a new way of communicating. While there are slivers of hope everywhere – restrictions loosening up, businesses re-opening and people returning to the office – it’s extra important that you adjust your communication style to match the times. 

At The Markey Group, we’ve got the gift of gab and we love to talk. We miss human interaction, meeting with clients, networking and being out and about. It has been very important for us to continue making connections during this time. 

We have found a few different ways to “connect” with others, and thought our tips might be helpful to you. Check them out below and tell us – how are you connecting with people right now?

Focus on maintaining existing relationships

Check in with your clients. Pick up the phone. Send an email. Drop a card in the mail. Let them know you are here to address their concerns and help them, if possible. Brand sentiment during a time of uncertainty and fear is so important, take advantage of that. 

Consider how you can help

There are so many things you can do. Donate a meal to first responders in your client’s name. Volunteer your time or money. Partner with clients or other business contacts to give back in one way or another. 

But don’t forget that your knowledge could be very helpful. Last week, we participated in a one hour session where business owners asked questions about how to use digital marketing and social media during this time. This was a great opportunity to use our brains, help small business owners and connect with clients, new and old. 

(We loved it so much, we are planning to do it more often. Stay tuned!)

Improve existing client experiences

Reinforce your relationship with clients by offering them add-ons, complimentary services or optimizing their existing offering. Remember, it’s always easier to upsell an existing client than it is to find a new one! 

Turn on the camera

We are the first to admit that we don’t love a video conference call. We have done more than our fair share over the last few weeks (which is funny since we are a remote company!), and honestly, we are warming up to it. 

Video allows you to (kind of) make eye contact with others. You can “put a face to the name” and really get to know people. If you haven’t yet, try it! 

While we are making baby steps, it’s clear that we are not operating as “business as usual,” just yet. We hope these tips help you connect with or better communicate with someone today! 

Have questions about how to communicate your brand during this time? Contact us for some tips and ideas!