We love to create – strategies, marketing materials, content and more!


One of our favorites? Logos! Our team thrives on anything related to creating new or updating existing branding. Most recently, we had the pleasure of creating a new logo for the Rocky River Chamber of Commerce!


The Rocky River Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1922 with the purpose of supporting a wide network of social, civic and business interests in the Rocky River, Ohio area.


Over the years, the Chamber has grown and evolved along with the needs of its members. Whereas in 1922 many of the business members were farms and greenhouses, today the Chamber supports tech companies, law offices and many other businesses. Recently, the Chamber decided to upgrade their logo to one that accurately reflects their modern vision and brand image.


The Markey Group is a proud member of the Rocky River Chamber of Commerce, and was excited to partner with the Chamber to create a logo that was clean, modern, stylish and on-brand.


We follow a specific process when designing or updating a logo. This process includes:

  1. Design Brief. This is exactly that, brief! We review your goals and objectives and document any other necessary information to ensure all teams are aligned.
  2. Research. We spend time researching the industry, competition, trends and existing brand materials. We brainstorm and conceptualize.
  3. Design. We begin with creating different design options, typically in black and white.
  4. Color. Once you select a direction, we play with color.
  5. Testing. If time and budget allows, we run focus groups and test the logo across your target market.
  6. Finalize. We take all feedback and learnings to finalize the logo, complete with a brand guideline document!


For this project, the new logo that we developed remains true to the Chamber’s founding mission of protecting and promoting businesses in the local community, while taking into account their updated brand image and modern style.


Remember – your logo is one of the first things your customers will see and associate with your brand! It is so important to have a cohesive brand strategy in place, and in many ways, your logo should be the cornerstone of that strategy.


After all, it tells the world who you are…so it better make a good first impression!


Is your organization in need of a logo refresh? Let us help tell your brand’s story and boost your marketing impact! Give us a call at  440-348-5753 for all of your branding projects, or get in touch with us here.