Cleveland rocks… your brand!

Born and raised Ohioans love to say “Cleveland Rocks!” and that statement is more true now than it ever has been.

With the help of LeBron James, the Indians in the World Series, and relevance in daily pop culture, Cleveland has become cool again, and it’s time for local brands to take notice and take advantage. We are located here, and we love it!

While we have worked with some of the best brands worldwide, we know just how powerful simple local interest and exposure can be. Local pride is very real and very powerful, and if worked into your brand the right way, that ‘local love’ can help boost your company’s exposure in a positive and fun way, to gain even more local business.

3 Ways to Incorporate Local Love and Pride into Your Brand

(We are using Cleveland examples below – because that is what we know and love. Please know that this applies to ANY geographic area!)

#1: Produce Brand Stories from local Clevelanders

Brand storytelling is a very effective marketing tool, particularly in close-knit communities like Cleveland.

Amazing customer service and company experiences frequently go viral for good reason. The public loves a positive story, and these interactions help build a narrative that go along with your brand.

If you work with a local Cleveland company or person, share their testimonial on your website or blog. Make sure you include how Cleveland has been an important part of his/her life, and include a picture of the individual.

#2: Host a Promotional Giveaway

If there’s one thing that all people love (especially Clevelanders), it’s swag.

A great way to gain local exposure is to host a product giveaway. A Cleveland themed t-shirt, mug, reusable grocery bag, or Cleveland skyline poster prize makes your customers feel good, and you’ll receive ‘free’ publicity by adding your brand to the promotional product.

#3: Partner with a local business

A great way to gain exposure is to team up with a local well-known small business for a collaborative event or service swap. Having strong local allies creates various mutual benefits and this type of business-to-business collaboration is a risk worth taking.

Local pride for your city is a powerful tool that brands can use to gain exposure and new customers. Lucky for us, Cleveland has never been more relevant or more ‘cool’ than it is now, so we love when we see businesses take advantage of this positive pride to grow!

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