First Impressions Matter

Your company’s website is a direct reflection of your organization as a brand. Many times, your website is the first encounter a potential client will have before working with you. A well-rounded and updated website, clean of errors and unnecessary information is a proven way to impress these future customers. The importance of an interesting and appealing website cannot be overstated.

Minor Website Changes Can Make a Big Difference

The Markey Group can offer tailored services to help plan and launch an effective website for your brand. If website design is not your area of expertise, we have user experience, creative design and development experts that can help refresh and improve your brand’s exposure on the web. Here are few ideas we can help with on how to ‘spring clean’ and freshen up your site!

  • Clean up your homepage
    • Blogs that are easy to navigate perform better on Google searches and make happy consumers.
    • Remove unnecessary information from the sidebar and make sure the menu bar has relevant links and categories.
    • Your header should be bright, colorful and easy to read.
  • Create a new logo
    • Visuals are a key part of telling your brand’s story and setting your business apart from the competition. Logo development is essential for making a lasting impression on new customers. Our in-house design team at The Markey Group specializes in creating beautiful custom designs that help boost your marketing impact.
  • Add social media “Share” buttons
    • Those social media “share” buttons are a very powerful marketing tool. By adding Facebook, Twitter, and email share options, you can build your brand’s exposure and make it easy for clients to share your information.
  • Publish a recent client testimonial
    • Today’s consumers don’t want to look at stale, old material. Instead, publish a fresh blog post sharing a recent positive client testimonial. It will open potential client’s eyes to the benefits of your company and add new material to your page.
  • Test the 3-second rule
    • Google has actually recommended that websites not exceed a 2-3 second load time. That’s an extremely quick shot to grab the attention of a visitor to your site. Go to your webpage right now and wait 3 seconds, then close the window. What do you remember? Is there anything you should change or add to make your page immediately more memorable?

Work with The Markey Group

We at The Markey Group can help revitalize and redesign your website and gain more positive exposure for your brand. We will work with you to refresh your website or design a fresh site to gain additional exposure today!