As the pandemic ends and a possible recession looms, expectations on sales and marketing teams remain very high when it comes to driving revenue. In a period where much is unknown, there has never been more pressure for sales teams to meet and exceed targets. 

While this isn’t the only solution, according to independent new survey research, sending a personalized gift to decision-makers in key target organizations can be a very effective way for sales and marketing teams to stand out in the sales process. 

So much about the current sales process for many organizations is high tech with CRM solutions, analytics and AI tools. And while all of that is necessary, it is also necessary to think of simple solutions to make a difference during the process. New data suggests that strategic gifting may be the “low-tech layer in your high-tech sales process”. Being able to physically handle an item and identify with a brand takes us right back to the basics of human connection.

According to one report, “Strategic gifting punches above its weight when it comes to connecting with influential buyers.” We agree! Here are some encouraging stats:

  • 85% of people who received a promotional product did business with that company
  • 81% of people keep promotional products because they’re useful
  • 87% of Sales decision makers say receiving a gift has positively affected a deal
  • 93% of Sales decision makers can still remember a gift they received from a sales rep over two years ago
  • Only 37% of Sales decision makers always feel a human connection with the sales reps who are selling solutions to their company. Let’s work to increase that number!

Not only does gifting humanize the sales experience (so very important today!) It also creates a memorable positive impression and instills a feeling of gratitude with the buyer. All positive reasons for gifting as a way to increase your chance of booking a call or making a sale. 

In the end, the decision-makers and prospects you are targeting are people, just like you and me. And all people, no matter income, appreciate and respond positively to thoughtful gifts. 

Interested in considering promotional products or corporate gifting for your sales process? Let’s talk today about options that will help you make real connections, boost return on investment and gain a competitive edge.