No doubt you have already started your marketing plans for 2023. Have you considered a promotional product strategy as well?

Why is a promotional product plan so important? Starting early allows you to save money by forgoing rush fees and ordering in bulk. Plus, we know that promotional products work effectively! 

  • A single promotional item averages 344 impressions per month. (Source: PROmotion Marketing, LLC)
  • 80% of people can recall the messaging of a brand after receiving a promotional product. (Source: PROmotion Marketing, LLC)
  •  Nearly 100% of consumers say they are willing to go out of their way to get a promotional product. (Source: PPAI)
  • 85% of people who received a promotional product did business with that company. (Source: PROmotion Marketing, LLC)

Have we convinced you to consider creating a promotional product plan for 2023? We recommend you follow these four steps to get started:

1. Identify business goals and initiatives for the coming year

Are you focusing on improving your onboarding game? Adding new employee resource groups? Wanting to grease the sales pipeline? Trade show coming up? We recommend you prioritize your goals and different tactics that help you reach those goals. Promotional products can help boost engagement in all of these areas! 

Begin a list of your goals and initiatives and make note of any that may need promotional products. Can you use the same products for different initiatives? Can you use coordinating products? Be creative! 

2. Specify budget parameters for the year or by project, if possible.

Once you identify promotional product needs you can begin to budget for them. If budget numbers exist you can move to the next step! If not, use a range to keep you on track for this exercise. 

3. Remain flexible and agile.

Once you have outlined your plan for the year and budgets have been approved, it’s time to consider your options. From drinkware to tech to apparel, The Markey Group has options for every need and budget. 

We recommend being flexible and agile when you are planning your order needs. You have this strategy for a reason, to save you from last minute rush orders! Consider what you already have on hand and what you will need in the future to maximize your options. 

After you have selected the final options, it is time to order. We can help you order and ship directly to you, or we can warehouse and fulfill your orders as needed. 

4. Track Success.

Regularly revisit your original objectives and confirm that your promotional product plan is helping to achieve those goals. Need to make a tweak? Let’s talk! 

If we can help you with your promotional product strategy for the year, please give us a call. Happy planning!