As offices begin to open back up in the coming months, employers must ensure the transition is smooth for their teams. 

Along with abiding by suggested safety precautions, having new office “swag” and desk accessories is a nice  way to ease the transition, while making your employees happy. I am sure you are thinking, “is it really that easy?” According to a study from ASI, promotional gifts are still the most highly regarded form of advertising. This same study took a look at what feelings respondents said they had regarding receiving promotional giveaways and the #1 response was: HAPPY! 

Need ideas on where to start? See below for our favorite branded office supply promotional items; perfect for all types of offices, budgets and employees.

Branded Pens 

The pen has been labeled as the best tangible marketing product by many, and we can’t help but agree. In addition to being used as a marketing tool, this is a low cost way to bring a smile to your employees face. 

branded pen


If you look around at desks throughout your office, one thing is constant – a notebook! Even in today’s digital age, many people prefer a notebook to their computer for making lists and taking notes. 

Try something classic like a Moleskin or our favorite spiral notebook of all time. Either way, a fresh notebook is sure to make your team feel special. 


After months of working from home, your team has easy access to their kitchen throughout the day. Keep them hydrated with a water bottle or coffee tumbler. 

We love both options because they can be transferred from the office to the gym, the car, the house and back again. 


Entering a loud office after working from home could be quite an adjustment for your team. Offer them wireless headphones to use at their desk and on calls. 

Branded headphones are great because they can be used with your phone, tablet or computer.  Your employees can take the headphones from the office to their house and back, making this a very useful gift. 

Having great promotional items as teams return to work is not only a way to welcome people back, it also showcases your commitment to the brand and to your employees. 

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