The Markey Group is a remote company, which means we all work from home! We love this set up for many reasons. We are not restrained by geographic location when recruiting top talent, we have flexibility in our schedules and we all enjoy working from our home offices. 

That said, we have all worked within an office at one time or another and can all remember the dreaded office chill. You know what we mean – the over air conditioned office is prevalent, everyone has worked in one or visited one at some point. 

The cure? A lightweight jacket! Branded lightweight layers are an excellent way to create awareness and goodwill among employees, partners, clients and prospects! Need more proof? Here are three reasons why you should consider a light layer for your next branded apparel order. 

1. They are always in season!

As described earlier, offices tend to be cold. Cold in the summer, colder in the winter! Lightweight jackets that people can leave at their desk are a great way to ride out the temperature fluctuations. 

Even working from home, some of our employees have their favorite jacket nearby at all times. Might as well be cozy, comfortable and warm while you work! 

2. Stylish (really, for everyone!)

A good layering piece works for all shapes, sizes and sexes. A cozy sherpa fleece, a sporty zip up or a fancy cardigan can all work as an easy layer for the office. 

3. Useful

Even if you don’t want to keep a light layer at the office, they are excellent for all climates. Bring it to a late night baseball game in the summer or an early morning soccer game in the fall. Layer it under your coat before you go skiing! With so many ways to use a layering piece, your brand will be valuable to the recipient. 

We really believe that lightweight layering pieces are the PERFECT example of excellent branded apparel. They are always in season, stylish and useful, allowing for extra brand exposure – you can’t beat it!

Shop the look here or contact us for more information before your next order!