With so many changes happening right now – big events being called off, companies managing a workforce from home, your employees also homeschooling their children – you and your team are facing some unexpected and unprecedented challenges. 

As we talked about in our last post, connecting with your employees and setting them up for success to work from home is crucial during the next few weeks/months. One way to do that is by sending a work from home kit or gift! 

We have created a custom store, so you can easily view some popular items with YOUR logo. You can order directly from the website, or contact us to handle. All items can be drop shipped to your employees homes. It’s so easy! 

  1. Select the product you like
  2. Click “Design Now” button
  3. Upload your logo or text

Follow the steps from there to order. Too busy to order? We can handle for you, just give us a call. See something you like, but have a different price point in mind? Call us, and we are happy to send additional options!

Here are a few of our favorites items:

Branded Coffee Mug

Start the day on a positive note with a strong cup of coffee. We like this coffee cup because of the push-on lid, all the better to prevent spills on your laptop.

This Yeti mug offers double-wall vacuum insulation that will keep your hot drinks hot, and your cold drinks cold longer than standard drinkware.

Phone Charging Stand

Smartphones have become increasingly important to daily operations, as it’s the tool that keeps colleagues connected in this time apart. 

These wireless chargers are perfect for keeping a smartphone charged without having it plugged in all day. The stand also keeps phones propped upright so important alerts are never missed, and Facetime or conference calls won’t drain the battery.

Wireless Headphones with Logo

Avoiding touching your face? Great job! You get a gold star! But wait, don’t pick up that call. Smartphones are pretty filthy, if you think about it. Keep phones on the desk where they belong and take calls hands free using wireless earbuds. 

Bonus points – these wireless headphones have that excellent sound quality we all need and double as a wireless charger for your phone.

Whether you are a current client, a past client, or have never worked with us before – we’re here to help! The Markey Group was built on customer service and that doesn’t stop now – we want to give back and help as many people as possible during these uncertain times. 

New marketing strategy? We can help you pivot. New sales strategy? We have ideas for you!  Feel free to use us as a FREE extra set of ears over the next few weeks. We are all in this together!